Saturday, 7 October 2017

Adani Samsara Gurgaon

Adani Samsara villa Floors Gurgaon

Samsara by Adani Group is a residential project which offers spacious 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments for sale. Located at Sector 60, Gurgaon,The project is currently in an under-construction stage and it spreads over 18 acres. Sector 60, Gurgaon is well-connected to other parts of the city via a network of roads and rails. The locality is well connected to Golf Course Road, Sohna Road Map NH8.

Unit & Specification

✥ Air-conditioned Villa Floors.

✥ Air Conditioning in Bedrooms & Living Room.

✥ Low Density 222 units in 18 acres, One of the low density

✥ Laminated wooden flooring in Bedrooms.

✥ Premium Imported Marble Flooring.

✥ Premium Modular Kitchen, Fully Integrated Gated Community

Villa floors with only 222 units in 18 Acres.

✥ Ultra Luxury Club House, Your own personal terrace & basement.

✥ Olympic Sized Swimming Pool, Commercial complex & Club House next door.

Floor Plan

It's Property Features is 3 Bedrooms , 2 Balconies, 3 Floor No , Floors Select Furnished Status 3 BAthrooms avilable.Many types of property avilable various types of Covered Area ,Plot Area, this property of availability is new property , possession status is under Construction Available from oct 2019.

It's Price depend is unit of property Type like that ( 3BHK-A1, 3BHK-B1, 3BHK-AB1, 3BHK-B2, 4BHK+SR-c1, 4BHK+SR-c2 ).

if you want to Type [ 3BHK-A1 ] Floor , Configuration like that – It's floor include plot area is 239 Sqyds, floor area is 1716 sqft, Basement is 462 Sqft, Terrace is 266 Sqft, no of parking is 2 , total area is 2444 sqft, it's Total price is 1.56 cr.

if you want to Type [ 3BHK-B1 ] Floor , Configuration like that – It's floor include plot area is 263 Sqyds, floor area is 1878 sqft, Basement is 510 Sqft, Terrace is 295 Sqft, no of parking is 3 , total area is 2683 sqft, it's Total price is 1.71 cr.

if you want to Type [ 3BHK-AB1 ] Floor , Configuration like that – It's floor include plot area is 269 Sqyds, floor area is 1905 sqft, Basement is 516 Sqft, Terrace is 295 Sqft, no of parking is 2 , total area is 2716 sqft, it's Total price is 1.73 cr.

if you want to Type [ 3BHK-B2 ] Floor , Configuration like that – It's floor include plot area is 297 Sqyds, floor area is 2130 sqft, Basement is 576 Sqft, Terrace is 340 Sqft, no of parking is 2 , total area is 3046 sqft, it's Total price is 1.94 cr.

if you want to Type [ 4BHK+SR-c1 ] Floor , Configuration like that – It's floor include plot area is 342 Sqyds, floor area is 2235 sqft, Basement is 616 Sqft, Terrace is 355 Sqft, no of parking is 2 , total area is 3206 sqft, it's Total price is 2.04 cr.

if you want to Type [ 4BHK+SR-c2 ] Floor , Configuration like that – It's floor include plot area is 426 Sqyds, floor area is 2667 sqft, Basement is 751 Sqft, Terrace is 452 Sqft, no of parking is 3 , total area is 3870sqft, it's Total price is 2.04 cr.

Master Plan


Price List
(Apartment Type)
Plot Area
(Sq Yd)
Total Area (Sq Ft)
(Inclusive Basement & Terrace)
Total Apartment Cost
(Launch Rate) (Rs.)
Inaugural Discount (Rs.)
(For First Few Bookings)
Total Apartment Cost
(After Discount) (Rs.)
Clicik  Get Best Deal 
A1 239 2,443 1,82,75,100 13,75,100 1.56 Cr Get Best Deal 
B1 263 2,683 2,02,33,400 15,33,400 1.71 Cr Get Best Deal 
AB1 269 2,716 2,02,51,300 15,51,300 1.73 Cr Get Best Deal 
B2 296 3,046 2,26,01,800 16,01,800 1.94 Cr Get Best Deal 
C1 342 3,206 2,37,20,300 17,20,300 2.04 Cr Get Best Deal 
C2 425 3,870 2,85,59,900 20,59,900 2,44 Cr Get Best Deal 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Gurugram : The most chosen city

Properties in the Millennium city are preferred by buyers over the other parts of NCR

Although the entire NCR is flooded with multitude of real estate projects in various stages of construction. The one city in the region that has left a true mark with ace landmarks both, in residential and commercial real estate  Gurgaon. With a large number of Fortune-500 companies foraying into this city in the last more than a decade. 

This city has witnessed growth like never before. With world-class infrastructure paving the way for better growth both in commercial and residential real estate. The city has attained a reputation which is ahead of all other counterparts, and surely one to vouch for.

Another reason which has enabled Gurgaon to emerge strongly on the NCR realty map despite having slightly high property prices is that the city has targely been free of legal hassles that have hampered the growth of several other cities in the region. Talking about how the city has steered clear of legal issues so far. 

If you want to get floors call us : +91-9810383213, +91-9711139813

Saturday, 4 February 2017

planning your home purchase

Getting started early on the planning will help you get a good deal on your loan

With property prices hovering at attractive levels, prospective buyers will find this an opportune moment to buy a home. In the wake of demonestisation, and the cash crunch with the new notes taking some time to reach the banks and ATM, this will come as a trigger.
The home loan interest rates began on a downward trend recently and it is likely to continue. The sentiment is bound to look up as prospective home buyers find their affordability factor going up with cheaper home loans, more tax sops and attractive property prices, all adding up to make this one of the best market conditions in recent times.
It is time to get some spade work done if you have been planning to you a home. A significant number of fence-sitters will jump into the fray, now that the Union Budget is out, which will push the market sentiment up a bit.

The Year of Affordable housing

Going by the interest shown by pm modi in helping the lower-income segment scure a home of their own, we can expect to see more affordable housing Villa projects launched in the Indian realty space than in any other segment
With the Modi Government’s constant push for affordable homes, coupled with the infrastructure status for affordable housing in the Union Budget, ‘affordable’ is now a buzzword in India’s real estate sector.

Infastructure status a ‘Affordable Housing’

  1. This measure will allow low-cost and long-term fund fo the sector, which when passed on to homebuyers, will reduce the cost of affordable housing.
  2. The new status will augment resource allocation for the sector which, in tur, will boost housing supply and reduce the huge demand backlog.
  3. This will also make financial institutions look at the sector favorably, as they will have lower risk weight age in giving loans for affordable housing.
  4. Thus, large public 3/4 BHK Floors sector 60 gurgaon  investors like EPFO as well as insurance  firms that are mandated to put a portion of their funds in infrastructure, will look to invest in the housing sector.
  5. This will go  a long way as  very critical supply side in centive to bring I private investment into the affordable housing sector.
  6. This, along with subvention schemes announced of  EWS and LIG housing, and recently announced for MIG housing as well, will contribute significantly towards ‘Housing for All’ mission.

Friday, 3 February 2017

About home loans in your interest for 2017

About home loans in your interest for 2017

Expenses towards repair and maintenance are not allowed as a deduction income from house property. However;  a standard deduction @30% of gross value (generally the rent received) is allowed to compensate for repair and maintenance expenses of a house property. 

This is allowed irrespective of actual expense. Alos, deduction towards municipal taxes paid during the financial year is allowed irrespective of the year to which it pertains. The above is not applicable to self-occupied property

About Adani samsara 3/ 4 Bhk floors in sector 60 gurgaon

About Adani samsara 3/ 4 Bhk floors in sector 60 gurgaon

This floor is very well Modern design in sector 60 gurgaon. This is premium residentialprojects and villa floors 222 units in 18 acres gurgaon. Very well this luxury Independent Floors size 1500 Square fit to 1800 Square fit, it interact Basement, stilt car parking with lift upper ground, 24 hour battery backup, semi furnished, Ac power, playground etc.

It well constructions ¾ BHK residential sector 60 gurgaon. The residential property market is seeing an equal amount growth and Very Quick and & fast real development into bustling neighborhoods with many types of projects.

It Distance between 7-km extension of the RMRG phase is being constructed to provide connectivity between Sikanderpur.